Perhaps not everyone knows that for the TV Show "Charmed" four different copies of the Book of Shadows were made:

The master copy, called “Hero”, was the one with the original illustrated pages that was framed in the foreground while the actors flipped the book. When it was not used on the set, Hero was kept safe and under guard by a dedicated crew member.

A second copy was used in the action scenes where the BOS was thrown around (for example, when a demon attacked and tried to steal it or when, in an episode, it was launched out the window). This copy, which was used to avoid damaging Hero, was nothing else than an empty box painted like a real book. You can see that the spine binding (on the left of the cover) is tighter than normal and the nuances and scratches on the cover are different than the Hero's ones.

A third book was used in the scenes where the book was in the shot, but was not used; all the scenes where it was closed on its stand or on the table or elsewhere. This version contained copies of the original pages but it weighed less than Hero, even though it was a faithful copy. This book was used to avoid the risk that "Hero" was damaged by accident or, even worse, stolen. This copy is the same one used in the episode where the magic disappeared and the book contained only blank pages.

The fourth copy was used to replace the master book when, at the end of the third season, Hero was damaged. This copy, really just a cover, was used during the time Hero was under repair and contained all the original pages temporarily removed from it. Once Hero came back on set, it seems the fourth book was sold on E-Bay, on August 2003. Hero's Triquetra, until then rather thick and stitched was replaced. You can see the seams all around and inside the symbol in the picture. The new Triquetra was less thick than the previous one and it had no seams anymore because it was embossed on the leather.