Triquetra (Triskele, Triskell), also known with the Graecized name of Triskelion, means "three leg- ged", because it is composed by "tri" (three) and "ske- los"(leg). It is still considered today an ancient Celtic symbol, one of the oldest known to man, around at least since 500 b.C., that symbolizes a triple goddess and that has become, over the centuries, a symbol of the Trinity in Christian Ireland, but its origins are still mysterious today. Known primarily as a rune of protection, the triquetra represents the infinite cycle, the cycle of life and the 3 fundamental elements: earth, air and water. Originally represented as a monstrous figure formed by three legs that should represent the race, the speed, the Gorgon is often represented at the center, which shows its Mediterranean origin. This mark is distinctive of many peoples: Persians, Lici, Greeks, Syracuse and Celts, all of whom left us many examples on artisan objects, vases, shields, urns and even tombs. During the Roman Age, triquetra went into decline except in Sicily, where it still is the symbol of the Region. Triquetra was also used by the Celts, until their defeat by the Romans (27 b.C.), but also by other Nordic peoples such as the Vikings who stylized the symbol attributing it to their Sun god Frey and to Odino too. Triquetra was found in the Isle of Man and later, from the 1200’s, it has been the symbol of many lordships who put it on their coat of arms. The Triquetra representation was, instead, forbidden by the Church (Pope Urban VIII° 1623-1644) because it was considered too similar to the Holy Trinity.

Book of Shadows (or Grimoire) is the name given to it by the founder of Wicca, Gerald Gardner. It describes a witch's spiritual path from the moment she discovers her vocation for the neopagan religion. It contains rituals, spells and herbs to use, stones, crystals, formulas, natural remedies, reflections, invocations to the Goddess and to the God and much more.

The Book of Shadows is the written testimony about the experience of every witch. Beware of who speaks of an ancient and universal Book of Shadows, handed down from generation to generation! Everyone has a different journey, different interests, and consequently not all books are identical. Every witch, or coven, has a Book of Shadows.

As the Wiccan religion has no sacred text of reference, like the Bible for Catholics, the Book of Shadows becomes the reference text for any witch. Wicca is a religion that is based on its experience, it is a spiritual journey in which you try to improve and live in harmony with nature and with yourself.

Most famous tomes are perhaps the Gardner ones: he claimed to have come into contact with a congregation of the New Forest that survived the fires of the Middle Ages and to have obtained the permission to publish a part of this coven’s Book of Shadows.